What is a Jumbo Loan in Alamo CA?

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An Alamo CA Jumbo loan is a loan that exceeds the current high balance conforming loan limit ( $625,500 as of 2014 ) . Jumbo loans are not backed by a GSE or government insurance which means they vary substantially from lender to lender on how you qualify. Our Jumbo loan products go up to $4 million (loan amount) and higher with exceptions.

If you are looking to get qualified for a Alamo CA Jumbo Loan   most lenders will require at least a two year history of employment. We have some innovative Jumbo loans that feature low rates or alternative ways to qualify.

There is no mortgage insurance on Jumbo loans which translates into higher down-payment than an FHA, VA, or Conventional Loan. Typically it requires a 20% down-payment, however we have some options that only require 10%. For example – you can get a jumbo loan with an 80% LTV and add a piggyback 2nd loan to bring the total to 90%.

Listed below are a few of the Jumbo loans that we offer –

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