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Here’s a few recent examples that I’ve been able to accomplish-

1) Loan was “denied” by underwriting… Over several days I researched and dug up enough information to send it to the credit committee (execs at my bank). I spent hours on the phone and email with the listing and buyers agent researching the issues. With the new information it was “Approved!” The buyer had been denied by 5 banks over the course of a 14 months.

2) Appraisal came in low, buyer was ready to back out. I researched with the help of the listing agent and buyers agent and determined it to be bogus. Through my processor I submitted the compelling information. It was corrected and approved by our bank at full value! Deal Saved!

3) Property had been “double flipped” or so it looked which made it ineligible for FHA. Through much digging I was able to convince underwriting that it was not a double flip but a transfer between business partners, even though at the surface it didn’t appear to be. Saved again!


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