10% down on a $3,125,000 Purchase? Yes, it is possible!

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We have a special program here that allows a much smaller down-payment than is normally required for super Jumbo loans.

With this program we can go up to a $3,125,000 home purchase with 10% down or $4,666,666 home purchase with 12.5% down-payment.

The magic in how this works is that an investor brings in 1/2 of the down-payment for the home. There’s never any payment made to the investor for up to 30 years. This also allows you to qualify for a little more home and have a smaller payment than you would normally. For any other type of Jumbo loan you would need to make payments on the % that another lender brings in to reduce your down-payment.

What’s in it for the investor that’s bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund your home you ask? The investor shares in the gain or loss of the property and is looking to place the money in a long term investment. Rather than investing it in stocks or bonds they are investing in your home. They never own your home and have no say about what you do with it (upgrades, changes to the property, when you sell, ect.) They are a silent partner so to speak.

Contact us to find out more about how this program works.


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