10% down JUMBOs with Loan Amounts Up to $1.5 million

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You may have been told that you need to have at least 20% down for a Jumbo loan over $1 million.

I have good news!

Jumbo loans up to $1.5 million are available with 10% down!

We have 2 programs (only one outside CA) that only require 10% down up to a loan amount of $1.5 million ( or a purchase price of $1.666 million)

I’m going to highlight our new program today.

  • 10% down up to a loan amount of $1.5 million
  • Purchase or Rate and Term Refinance
  • 2nd homes 10% down up to a loan amount of $1 million
  • 760 mid FICO score required for 10% down
  • 36% maximum Debt to Income Ratio
  • 24 months reserves* for 10% down, 18 months for 15% down
  • 30 year fixed loan

We have another program with not as strict qualifications. It only requires a 680 mid FICO and 6 months reserves. Contact us for more info.

* Reserves = Number of months x monthly payment including tax, insurance, and HOA dues . For example a $5000/month payment would require $120,000 in reserves if the reserve requirement is 24 months. 401(k), IRA, stocks , ect. can all be used for reserves and do not need to be withdrawn. Contact Us for more info

* Available in all 50 states, contact us to confirm

NOTE: Not all applicants will qualify. Program availability and terms are subject to change without notification. Neither we nor the above noted agencies warrant that you will qualify for any of the aforementioned loan products. This product listing is not a contract, nor exhaustive program description, and does not constitute loan qualification or approval.

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