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You can now benefit from flexible programs for non-traditional loan scenarios. This includes Portfolio Lending Programs, built specifically for borrowers with non-traditional lending needs, such as self-employed clients, and clients with unique financing scenarios. Contact Us  with your exact needs and scenario.

Note: We DO NOT fund “blanket” mortgages for multiple investment properties. We also do not fund any type of loans on commercial properties. Our expertise is with owner occupied JUMBO loans.

  • Full Documentation Loan Programs
    • 100% gifts allowed
    • No Trade-lines Required
    • Higher Debt to Income Ratio allowed than QM Jumbo
    • Non-Occupant Co-borrowers allowed
    • Departure home rental income allowed
    • Business funds for downpayment/reserves allowed
    • Cash out up to $3.5 million (vs. $250,000 with other lenders)
    • Only 2 FICO scores required
  • Self Employed – Alternative Documentation Loan Programs
    • 1-year Tax Return
    • 12-month Bank Statement
  • “2nd Chance” Expanded Criteria Loan Program
    • Buy again 1 day after Short-Sale or Foreclosure ( only 1 “event” allowed )
    • 2 years after BK Jumbo
  • Asset Income Program
    • Aggressive calculation to use “liquid” assets for income
    • $1 mil min required
  • Mega Jumbo Program
    • Up to $15 million on case by case basis

NOTE: Not all applicants will qualify. These Programs may have a higher interest rate, more points or more fees than other Programs requiring documentation. Minimum FICO, reserve, and other requirements apply. Programs may not be available in all states. Contact your Loan Officer for additional program guidelines, restrictions, and eligibility requirements. Rates, points, APRs and programs are subject to change at any time without notice.

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